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Protection Advisory Inc. is a small Woman Owned business with extensive experience in both the public and private sector. We are a highly renowned security company with the necessary personnel, systems, and financial resources needed to meet project requirements. Our services are provided by a team of professionals, not just a player, ready to serve your needs in a coordinated effort with one goal in mind: superior service to each and every client.


Our team approach was learned and honed through time and experience on the streets of New York City, through careers with the NYPD and extending across the United States and Internationally. We could not be successful without the contribution of our many colleagues, friends and associates who bring their wisdom and experience to our efforts. We have provided our services to Law enforcement agencies, events that draw major international attention, prominent law firms, NYC hotels and fortune 500 companies. Our profession requires hard work, long hours and creativity. Any recognition we earn is to be given to everyone who participates, not just the person whose name appears at the top.

Management Team

Allison Luongo


As owner and president of Protection Advisory, Mrs. Luongo reviews and approves all financing, budget allocations and performance reviews.

John Luongo

Founding Consultant

Mr. Luongo is a licensed private investigator in New York and Florida. As the founding consultant, Mr. Luongo utilizes his years of experience while providing guidance and direction with all activities Protection Advisory is involved in.

Raymond Stein

Special Events, Sports & Entertainment

Mr. Stein is responsible for all decisions regarding assignments for Protection Advisory from building security, personal security services and special events such as the Super Bowl, Fox Sports and NBC.

Kerry Madden

VP of Personnel & Administration

Kerry oversees the administrative functioning of Protection Advisory; prepares and endorses all reports and endorsements, reviews administrative functions of each division, conducts investigations and performs other duties as directed by the President/Owner, Allison Luongo. Along with the administrative duties, Kerry assists in the research and completion of all government contracts, and handles all employee relations.

Terry Conden

Senior Site Manager

Protection Advisory’s approach to creating and designing security programs tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients led to Mr. Condon’s assignment as Senior Site Manager and Customer Relations. This charges him with responsibility to handle day-to-day operations at various locations, each with its own unique needs and requirements. In so doing Mr. Condon deals directly and forthrightly with issues relating to our personnel and clients to ensure a timely and accurate response from all concerned.

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