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SightPAS™ is revolutionizing the security industry through its innovative and patent pending technology.  The SightPAS™ solution is the future of efficiently managing site entry/exit with safety and security at the forefront.  SightPAS™ is designed with the security, safety, risk and facility management of your sites in mind.  SightPAS™ will optimize your business operations through comprehensive analytics and insightful business intelligence.  Let SightPAS™ put sight on your site.


Beacon Technology for Seamless Entry and Exit 

Utilizing beacon and cloud technology, SightPAS™ allows your approved contractors to enter and exit your properties instantly…eliminating congestion and optimizing productivity through efficient and speedy check-in/check-out at a site. 

Know Who is on Your Property at All Times

Through proprietary sensor technology, SightPAS™ will detect and alert site supervisors immediately when an authorized or unauthorized visitor approaches a site entrance.


Real Time Person Recognition

Cameras coupled with our proprietary sensors provide real time image capture of any authorized or unauthorized person entering a site.  Through visual recognition, you will have constant insight into the security, safety and management of site activities.

Comprehensive Contractor Profile and Verification

Quick and easy setup of a contractor profile expedites the on boarding process.  Once the profile is complete, the contractors will receive a unique one-time authentication code to enter into the mobile app.  Privacy of their data is protected through a personalized passcode.


Compliance and Governance

SightPAS™ monitors OSHA and other Certifications and Licenses to help each site operate under the compliance and governance for each state’s regulations.  SightPAS™ will provide timely notifications of expiring or expired licenses and certifications to aid in the expeditious compliance management. 

Multi-site Monitoring and Management

SightPAS™ expands your reach by providing the capability for staff to simultaneously view and monitor multiple sites on a local, regional or national level.  Real time monitoring will allow for quicker decision making and drive efficiencies and increase productivity through remote management.  After and off hours site monitoring used to be an unattainable or cost prohibitive undertaking.


Meaningful Messaging

SightPAS™ was built with safety as a core foundation.  In the case of an emergency, Administrators can send out real time notifications in emergency and non-emergency situations.  Notifications will inform when there is an active shooter, fire, medical emergency, safety hazard or any other situation where mass communication is critical.  Compliance and training are a must, which is why SightPAS™ supports sending training, policy, guidelines and other useful documents and videos right to the mobile app.


Visibility and Transparency Into Your Business Operations

SightPAS™ business intelligence adds value through comprehensive analytics.  Robust, on-demand reporting capabilities will provide unparalleled tools to help drive smarter business decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project, including the ability to cross-check and verify contractor hours charged during a specified time period.  

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