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Protection Advisory is a comprehensive private investigation company whose principals, employees and associates have extensive and diverse law enforcement experience through careers in the New York City Police Department and corporate experience in the international business community. Our company exists to aid and supplement the efforts of public, corporate and individual interests in the protection of assets.


The services offered by Protection Advisory — Investigation, Protection and Security Strategies — have been integrated, allowing us to consult effectively with our clients with a broad view toward individualized goals and needs, along with providing real world solutions.


At Protection Advisory, we believe in a multi-discipline, team approach to protection management, whether it is conducting in-depth investigations, threat assessments, protection or security planning.

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"Our entire NFL Fox pre-game show has put their complete trust in Ray Stein and his security staff and they have consistently exhibited the professionalism, incredible work ethic, and attention to detail that's required to succeed in their demanding field of security.

Ray's resume speaks for itself, having excelled in all aspects of life, as a New York City Police Officer, in business, family, and community.  His success comes naturally because people love dealing with this admirable man because they know he is honest and fair and that he truly cares about them.  He is a man I know I can trust, the embodiment of excellence, honesty, integrity, and morality...

Terry Bradshaw|Terry Bradshaw Enterprises

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